Our approach

“The big issues are basically solved. It’s the new apps and how they’re used, embedded systems, the Internet of Things… they’re all talking to one another and the weakest link exposes them to hacking that ranges from the innocent to the destructive.”

– Professor Steven Galbraith

The Cyber Security Foundry aims to:

  • Make organisations more aware of cyber security
  • Research and develop new tools and services
  • Create a hub for world-leading technical expertise
  • Train more cyber security professionals.

We deliver research, advice and solutions the market can’t match because we are:

  • Neutral. We are housed within the University of Auckland rather than being “owned” by government or industry. We work to meet your needs.
  • Interdisciplinary. We bring together academic staff and postgraduate students from Computer Science, IT, Business, Engineering, Law, and Psychology.
  • Independent. We have no commercial agenda. We are independent of government, industry or commercial initiatives.

How we can help you.