CSF Forum 2: 26 April, 2018

April 10, 2018

In this session, hosted by Datacom, the Cyber Security Foundry Forum will give insights on different ways large data sets can be managed and secured. We have two fantastic speakers who will talk on different aspects of data and security. The first speaker, Professor Gill Dobbie, will talk about Managing data and security in Precision Driven Health. The second speaker, Dr Yun Sing Koh, will speak about Data Stream Mining Techniques for Security Applications. Outlines for each presentation are listed

Location: Datacom Auckland, 58 Gaunt Street, Auckland


Programme4.00pm   Welcome by David Eaton, Datacom

4.05pm   Introduction: Associate Professor Giovanni Russello, Director of the Cyber Security Foundry

4.10pm   Managing data and security in Precision Driven Health (slides)
Professor Gill Dobbie – The University of Auckland

With the new data sources that are available, we have more information than we have had before about an individual and their health and general well being. In this talk, I will provide background of the Precision Driven Health project, describe a different model for storing and managing healthcare information, and address privacy and security concerns that could arise from this model.

4.55pm   Data Stream Mining Techniques for Security Applications (slides)
Dr Yun Sing Koh – The University of Auckland

Traditional machine learning often assumes that the underlying models are static and unchanging over time. In reality there are many applications that analyse data streams where the underlying model or system changes over time. Examples of data streams include network traffic, sensor data, and call center records. The changes in data stream may be caused by the conditions of the system, or a fundamental change in how the system behaves. In this talk I will discuss how to handle various data mining techniques in data streams: in particular, how to detect and handle changes in data streams. We will discuss a number of applications of stream mining for security applications.

5.40pm   Refreshments and discussion